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The Universidad de Boyacá (UB) is a national private university founded in 1979 with international accreditation, with its main campus in the city of Tunja. It is the first university in Colombia to receive international accreditation, remembering that it has high quality accreditation in Colombia. [1] It has one main campus and three sectional campuses with 6 faculties, 21 undergraduate and 19 graduate programs. The university was created with the purpose of becoming the first private higher education center in Boyacá.

The University of Boyacá was founded in the city of Tunja on September 22, 1979, with the desire of an academic native of Guateque, Dr. Osmar Correal Cabral and an economist from Bogota, Dr. Rosita Cuervo Payeras.[2] The university was founded in the city of Tunja on September 22, 1979.

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Your personality is directly related to what our school in Tunja Country Bilingual School | CBS has to offer. This school educates people with high human and integral development, and has an academic method based on successful international education, which differentiates us in the city of Tunja and the department of Boyacá.

Among the main schools in Tunja and Boyacá, the academic method of Country Bilingual School | CBS stands out as one of the most efficient in optimizing the students’ abilities, providing focus and direction to grow in the international educational environment.

Why study at Country Bilingual School | CBS? Our educational model understands each person as someone capable of discovering and developing their abilities and values, becoming competent citizens, leaders and with essential values of today’s education.

Values education is one of the factors that differentiate us. It consists of a systemic, multidimensional, intentional and integrated process that guarantees the formation and conscious development of the individual and social human being. In this way we contribute to the development of our students’ personalities from early to advanced stages.

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Know the communiqué No. 02 of March 20, on modification of the 2020 academic calendar, student recess and non face-to-face methodological plans of study. COMMUNICATION No. 02 STUDENTS AND PARENTS OF F.doc

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To form academically and militarily the future high school graduate, with the purpose of instilling the best academic-military knowledge and values necessary to develop his qualities as a leader in the Colombian society.

The main vision of the Military College is to have an effective action of knowledge and human virtues, to inculcate an integral academic-military formation, to perceive the imaginary individual ideology of the student for a better Colombia with excellent professionals, officers, non-commissioned officers in all areas and Military Forces.

The Military College Colonel «JUAN JOSE RONDON» was founded on February 4, 1980, honoring the memory of the Commander of the 14 lancers who heroically fought and won the battle of Pantano de Vargas on July 25, 1819; historical place, located a few kilometers from the city of Tunja.

The College has established its Internal Regulations with a military type modality within a rigorous and objective discipline, where the Cadets members of the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh grades, receive an excellent military training, an indispensable requirement for obtaining their first class military passbook, hence the great mission of this prestigious educational institution, preparing First Class Reservists and future Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers of the different arms of the Colombian Armed Forces.