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Noor Alomiry (5)I have studied at Enforex Madrid for 6 months. The teachers are very kind, administration has always helped me. There are two teachers who are the nicest in the world Carolina and Ramon, they are like two friends.

The worst thing comes when the teacher asks me if I want him to send me homework, because he knows that the parents of the students in that group like to review at home…and if I want to take the Proficiency exam because if I don’t, he won’t send me to do writings, because he doesn’t like to correct them.

The academy is a scam, they don’t give me back the 100 euros reservation fee, despite having told me about all these incidents. Having studied in several academies, this is the first time that something like this has happened to me.

Aurélie Van (2)I went to this school four years ago on an intensive basis for a few months. Only one teacher was excellent. I don’t remember her name but I could tell she liked her job. The class turned into a theater. The other teachers basically read the book, corrected the exercises for a minimum of 30-45min. Regarding grammar, they just repeated what was written in the book, nothing else. Okay, I can do that on my own at home.

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Las pruebas de pensamiento divergente no suelen abordar la naturaleza compleja de la creatividad, sino que se centran en el producto final o la solución de un problema, pasando por alto las etapas previas del proceso creativo, como el descubrimiento y la formulación de un problema. El presente estudio adopta el modelo de «descubrimiento de problemas» y presenta una nueva medida de la creatividad en niños de educación primaria (6-12 años). Este trabajo presenta los fundamentos teóricos así como el proceso de diseño, desarrollo y validación del test a través de diferentes estudios. El Test de Creatividad Infantil (TCI) evalúa el proceso creativo a través de una tarea estructurada en dos etapas: formulación y solución de un problema. La prueba considera no sólo el resultado final (un dibujo), sino también las fases previas que conducen a él. Los resultados muestran una validez y fiabilidad satisfactorias de las puntuaciones del test. Se concluye que el TCI tiene propiedades psicométricas robustas y puede ser una herramienta útil para predecir el comportamiento creativo en niños de primaria.

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Telematically: in order to avoid travel and possible contagion, all applications should preferably be submitted telematically. The presentation of the applications will be made by telematic means, for which the Regional Ministry has enabled the following possibilities:

Web page:  There you will find several manuals that can be of help to the families both to access the Virtual Secretary and to complete the admission applications by telematic means.

In other cases, if it is technically impossible to complete it telematically, it can be completed manually or online (by accessing a link below). Once completed, you must print it (3 copies) and deliver it to the educational center requested first, together with the documentation that you wish to be evaluated during the admission process (in case you do not accept the consultation of data in the application).

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Above the main door, which opens in a semicircular arch, there is a very wide balcony, with a pediment and stone railing, flanked by fluted pilasters. The author of the building was the architect Jerónimo Ortiz de Urbina, professor at the School of Fine Arts and academician of the Purísima Concepción, assisted by his son Antonio Ortiz de Urbina y Olasagasti, master builder. He conceived it in an eclectic style.

Annually, the school publishes The Catalog, in which the members of the school board, the Academic Organization and the teaching staff appear. It also contains photos of all the classes of the school and an alphabetical list of the students.

Its coat of arms is divided into two quarters, first: a cauldron hanging from a llar supported by two wolves, and second, the flames representative of the coat of arms of Valladolid. Its flag is rectangular, light blue, with the coat of arms in the center.

The sports uniforms with which the school participates in federated competitions are red and white striped with the school’s coat of arms on the right or in the center, while the pants as well as the number are black. The general sports uniform is blue pants with a red stripe, a long-sleeved red polo shirt with the school letters vertically on the left side and the school crest on the right side.